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Prof. Dr. Sandra Hayes


Raum: 03.06.060

Zentrum Mathematik
der Technische Universität München
D-85747 Garching bei München

Phone: 49-89-289-18302
Fax: 49-89-289-18308

Department of Mathematics
Queens College
City University of New York
Flushing, NY 11367

Phone: (718) 997-5800
Fax: (718)997-5861

Research Interests: Chaotic Dynamical Systems, Complex Analysis, Catastrophy Theory
Current Research Projects:
Chaos and Chance (with Y. Jiang)
Chaos theory and the financial markets (with G. Lazlo, J.P. Morgan Chase)
The real dynamics of Bieberbach's example (with A. Hundemer)
Selected Publications:
Catastrophe Theory (Co-author: D.P.L. Castrigiano)
Second Edition, August 2003, Westview Press
First Edition, 1993, Addison-Wesley
Chaos: Theme Music Live (with the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra), 2000,
The Bavarian Radio Station
Time Series Analysis of Chaotic Dynamical Systems (with Y. Jiang)
submitted for publication
Dynamics of a one parameter family of Henon maps,
(with C. Wolf), 2005, Dynamical Systems: An International Journal
Morse-Smale Diffeomorphisms in the Henon family
(with C. Wolf), 2004, TU - Festschrift
Orbits of Lie group actions are weakly embedded submanifolds
(with D.P.L. Castrigiano), 2000, ArXiv,math.DG/0011241
Fatou-Bieberbach Gebiete (with A. Hundemer),1995,
DMV Mitteilungen ( Notices of the German Mathematical Society )
Book Cover of "Catastrophe Theory", 2nd ed.
Course Materials:
Chaos Theory-A visual Introduction

Introduction to Functional Analysis

Seminar: Random Fractals and Multifractals

Analysis and Geometry

Analysis and Geometry, Part 2

Analysis and Geometry(pdf file)

Analysis and Geometry Problems

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